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Re: Does It Get Better???

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. Neelix losing his lung - does this have ANY significance to the series? In fact is this even mentioned again in the series? I think the answer to both is "no."
Only have time to say... yes. In Macrocosm, Janeway uses a medical tricorder on Neelix after he's been stung, and she says there is fluid filling up his lungS. he corrects her and says... "Lung."

Was it's mention significant? Maybe not, but it was fun to hear the continuity.

Later for other thoughts.
I stand corrected, however, in my opinion, whether Janeway says "lung" or "lungs" is pretty trivial. What matters is whether the character (Neelix) is affected in any significant way by this major event (as any normal person would be). It could take the form of PTSD, or another form, just something that communicates to the audience that these are real people (within the universe of the show), and not Sesame Street characters.
I accept the fact that Neelix is alien and so is his physiology.
So I don't expect him to have these set backs or that the issue would be ongoing. Besides, I'd like to think in a universe with hyposprays, transporters, replicators and papa Joe Sisko being kept alive with artificial organs, medical science would have also moved beyond the use of an iron lung.

How real does Trek need to be before it stops being fiction?
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