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Kestra and RoMax's Valentine Extravaganza!

It's that time of year again! We have some shenanigans in store, but they're friendly shenanigans, not mean shenanigans.

You have a few options for participating:

1. PM Kestra or myself with the username of your secret crush/friend and we'll send them a message on your behalf on Valentine's Day. Provide the following:
a. Their username.
b. What color of (digital) flowers to send them. Choose from: red (love), white (admiration), yellow (friendship), pink (crush)
c. A message from you.
d. Whether or not to include your username in the message (or be anonymous.)

2. Throw your name in (by announcing in this thread) that you want to get matched up with a Valentine for the day. Once the Valentines have been announced (on the 13th), you will have 24 hours to find as much in common with your Valentine as possible and post it in this thread. Saying you both like Star Trek doesn't count, and don't put smartass stuff like "we're both male humans." Note that these are friendly (not necessarily romantic) Valentines, so don't feel slighted if you're a guy and get matched up with another guy or something. We're making the selections at random so no one will be playing favorites.

3. You can also post here about any Valentine's Day plans you may have.

You can do any or all of the above. If you want to groan about how much you hate Valentine's Day, please start a different thread. This one is meant to be positive!

Have fun, everyone!
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