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Re: Why was there never a major Romulan character in a Star Trek TV sh

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Would you really say Kimara Cretak was a major reoccuring character the way Worf was or Dukat or Kira or Spock or Quark or 7 of 9 was.
No, but you said, "The only reoccurring Romulan characters were Commander Sela and Commander Tomalak" and that is not true.
But I said major reoccurring character, Kimara Cretak is not a major character, is she?

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The awesome Andreas Katsulas played Commander Tomalak in four episodes. While not quite "regular", I would call that "recurring".
I mentioned him, I don't think he was a major character compared Dukat or Quark or any of the other characters nor as developed. He had potential to be, but too few appearances. Again I am talking about major reoccurring characters, who had a lot of appearances and an affect on the overall show.
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