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Re: STO Trek BBS Fleet

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Ok, I got a couple questions.

1) Does anyone know if Silver accounts can make a fleet? (Not me, another group)


2) Would you guys like another fleet to work with after the F2P launch?

I'm a member of a fan group, the USS Blackheart. You may have seen their name over at Memory Alpha, as we sponsor them. Anyway, many of them are quite excited for the F2P launch, and from what I know of Emmett, he's going to want to start his own fleet for the Blackheart. I figure I might take one of my characters over there, but I still want to stay with you guys.

Oh, and most of these guys (though we do have a couple of lifers) are going to be brand new. So it'd probably be a while before they could participate in STFs depending on how fast they play, but I thought I'd throw the idea out there now so the high and mighty's in the fleet could think about it.
Did Emmett make his fleet? I haven't heard anything.
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