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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

21. The Omega Man (D)
22. The Adjustment Bureau (B+)

The Omega Man: Quite possibly a worse movie than I Am Legend. The more recent adaptation was a third-act disaster, but this film is just silly through and through. Honestly, I was taken aback by how bad it often was, considering many of the reviews I've read. Of particular amusement is Heston's driving in the film. It's hilariously bad -- he continuously gets into car accidents for absolutely no reason (at times, not even the plot demands him to crash a vehicle; he just does it anyway). Also, the motorcycle stunt double for Heston is the worst stunt double I've seen this side of the original Star Trek. Different body type, different hair style, different hair color -- and well lit so it's all quite apparent. And don't get me started on the forced romance, which happens because...well, that's the sort of thing that happens in the movies, I guess. Heston and Cash have zero chemistry with one another, and their characters have no reason for the devotion they show towards one another.

The Adjustment Bureau: An excellent sf movie that's a bit undone in the final minutes by a clumsy, easy ending. Still, I rather enjoyed it up to that point, and Damon and Blunt had excellent chemistry together.

Theatres: 7
Home Video: 14 +2
Computer: 1
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