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Re: Virtual Enterprise D for Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force - WIP

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If anyone is wondering, I'm setting this project in the latter part of TNG. So sets will look as they did after they were redressed after The Undiscovered Country was filmed.

As promised, here are some better lit screens of Ten Forward, with added crew members (I still haven't changed to stock VOY uniforms to TNG ones, sorry). And a side note, all the replicators work.

Your Ten-Forward set looks absolutely amazing! This makes me wish that I could begin work on my replica of the sets!

Well, that you're setting this during the later parts of TNG and the crew is wearing the DS9/VOY uniforms makes it appear that this is set in the year 2371 (before Star Trek: Generations but after "All Good Things...")

I would love to see that corridor where Ten-Forward and the senior officer quarters are! The darkness in the rooms makes it look that much beautiful.

Pardon the pun, but in that first pic, that woman sitting closer to the camera looks like Ro Laren.

Like I said, I want to start on this project so bad but I want to layout a goal plan of what I'm going to do and how because I only have Anim8or and then plan to export everything to 3DS Max so it's nice and beautiful.
All aboard for Vertiform City!
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