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Re: Doctor Who: The Figure Thread

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I'm sitting right on the edge... almost ordering the two-pack with Leela and a Sontaran but the reality is... they're toys.
They are collectables. Toys are for playing with. At that price you don't play with them!

I didn't buy many last year, the figures are fine, its just the larger accessories are a pain to find somewhere to store.

So the Leela and Sontaran was an easy buy for me - I didn't have the other two Sontarans with their Spaceships.

Its the same with the Drashig, but I might give into that eventually.

As long as a set is mostly new I dont mind the odd duplicate. I got the Keeper set. I will get the Androzani Peri set, to go with the Varos one.

I got the Resurrection and (eventually, when they'd almost sold out) the Genesis set. But the Revelation and Destiny sets can wait.

The Remembrance Davros is an easy buy, as soon as I can find one!
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