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Kelso, definitely keep 'em coming. It's such a blast hearing of your daughter's reaction to good ol' TOS. I'm sort of picturing her like the little 3 year old girl who commented on Star Wars, that became a viral video on You Tube.

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Kirk and the pizza monster - Devil in the Dark
So true! As a kid, I'd also thought the Horta's appearance resembled a pizza.

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His main observations at the moment are to do with uniforms and hairstlyes : why does Kirk wear green in this epidode? Why is Sulu in red? Why is Chekov's hair funny? Doesn't Kirk know how to use a tricorder?
LOL on the tricorder! Yeah, why order Spock or Sulu to check for readings; why can't he use one himself?

I'm going to try introducing my 11 year old niece to Star Trek. It'll be hard, because of the relatively primitive special effects, but who knows... Probably best to start with Shore Leave.

What's an Italian flag doing on that building? Looks like a pasta factory.
Remembering Ensign Mallory.
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