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Re: Widescreen or Full Frame

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I think the industry is getting frustrated about people who prefer full screen and complain about the black bars in widescreen. I have a copy of True Grit here, and on the box it says: "This Film is presented in 'Widescreen' format. The Black bars on the top and bottom of the screen are normal." I've seen statements before, but I've never seen it so bluntly stated on a package before.
They still sell 4:3 cropped DVDs over there? They never did take off here and I haven't seen one in probably a decade. Mind you Widescreen TVs were standard here long before HD took off.
Nah, don't think they still do specifically. I think it's all Widescreen now, though I had bought a movie pack at Costco once, and one of the movies was fullscreen instead of widescreen, so I think there are still some left, but it's getting rarer. It was likely leftover stock packaged together.
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