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Who is she anyway?
I see what you did there.
I don't remember much about Lochley, but I do remember not knowing much about her.

Prophet Motive (*)

Back in The House of Quark the writers hit upon the brilliant idea of the unlikely pairing of the Klingons and the Ferengi, and it was used for good comedic, as well as dramatic, effect. This episode hits upon the even more unlikely pairing of the Ferengi and the Prophets, and it's not quite as successful. I've said it before and I'll no doubt be saying it again before this thread is finished, Ferengi comedy episodes too often hit upon the same jokes about them being greedy misogynists and repeat them for an hour. This episode skips the sexist part of their nature leaving only the greed angle, and that makes it a bit tiresome. It's an interesting concept for an episode alright, and I did enjoy seeing Quark communicate with the Prophets (although it would have been nicer if this wasn't only their second actual appearance on the show). The solution to the problem, the Prophets reverting Zek because they didn't want to deal with the Ferengi anymore, was fitting and perhaps a little ironic.

Speaking of Zek, over the Christmas period I learned that Wallace Shawn co-wrote and starred in My Dinner With Andre, which is a movie I have obviously heard a lot about but never actually watched. But Shawn's involvement piqued my interest enough to check it out and it's very odd to watch Wallace Shawn go from an intellectual movie where two men discuss what life is all about to seeing him in giant ears and snorting beetles up his nose. And I thought that Bryan Cranston's range was impressive. At least he gets to play a different Zek than usual in this episode, and hearing him happily humming while trapped in a sack actually managed to make the sides of my lips curl upwards slightly.

Meanwhile, Dr Bashir is nominated for some medical award that he doesn't win. This plot feels incomplete somehow. It's like they had an idea and then wrote some scenes around that idea, but it never really managed to develop into a story. I read on MA that it was something of an in-joke about how the producers on TNG reacted to being nominated for an Emmy, which may explain why it felt half-baked as they were trying to make fun of themselves a little while not being willing to go the whole way. But hey, we got the introduction of the dart board, so that's something.
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