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Re: Why was there never a major Romulan character in a Star Trek TV sh

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Why was there never a major reoccurring Romulan character in a Star Trek TV show?

I think the Romulans would feel less underdeveloped if there was a major reoccurring Romulan character in one of these shows.
The Romulans were quite developed on the shows. We saw their culture, politics, homeworld, intrigue, spies and more. This was accomplished without any single Romulan character having a lead role in any of the series. An entire movie [arguably not a successful one] was devoted to Romulans in Nemesis.

One could hardly ask for more from a race created to be the enemy of the Federation and untrustworthy in all incarnations of Star Trek.

The Romulans were originally created as an allegory of China during the cold war era of the 1960s. The trappings were that of the decline of the Roman empire. (Klingons were the Soviet bad guys of that same era, with the Federation representing the good ol' U.S. of A.) The Chinese-type spies of 1960s movies intrigued us in "The Enterprise Incident". The morality of the Vietnam War was displayed with Klingons and Federation playing the roles of Soviets and Americans arming smaller rival nations in escalating conflict.

Within each series, as well as Trek overall, the Romulans were sufficiently developed.
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