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I have a tape of episodes that hold the first episodes I ever saw of the series. A Taste of Armageddon was my first episode. Looking in retrospective, I think it was a good episode to start off with. It had plenty of action, a display of Spock's abilities (mind meld through the wall, nerve pinch), a nice display of the main characters (Scotty in command of the ship and he got to play off of McCoy), and most important of all, a lesson to be learned ("Knowing that you're not going to kill... TODAY!"). The subsequent episodes it held were Space Seed, This Side of Paradise, The Doomsday Machine, Mirror Mirror and The Trouble with Tribbles. I dubbed them "the essentials." I like to pop in the tape every now and then to revisit some nostalgia and the commercials that came with it. Since it was recorded at the time when The Next Generation was going to debut, there are promos for the first couple of episodes, including the series premiere that simply used footage from the films.
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