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Re: Why was there never a major Romulan character in a Star Trek TV sh

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Romulans often get the short end of the stick. Originally meant to be the primary villains of TOS, a role which ended up going to the Klingons. Out of 11 movies, only two featured Romulans in any relvant way, and in one they took a back seat to a newy introduced alien of the week and in the other their homeworld got destroyed. After 45 years they're still considered bad guys, with previous attepmts to make peace forgotten/ignored.
To be fair we don't really know much about the majority of Romulans who likely survived the destruction of Romulus (Nero's hyperbole aside) we only saw Nero and his crew who lets face it likely were nuts. Plus the Romulan Empire asked the Federation for help about the nova, they probably wouldn't have done that if they were still enemies.
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