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Re: Does It Get Better???

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but then we are heading into the most episodic* Voyager seasons now.
I meant episodic, not serialized, woops.

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Hey You Will Fail I just watched your 30 Favorite Star Trek Episodes youtube in your sig. Wow what a trip that was.. yes I got a little teary a couple times (during the Worf and Jadzia scene). That was really lovely and makes me want to watch all of DS9 again which I have done too many times already. Very nice music too. Saw a couple eps there I had completely forgotten about.
Thanks! It took me ages! Its difficult making a top 30, and I'd love to see DS9 all through again too but my DVD boxset went missing a couple of years ago, havent got around to replacing it

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Only have time to say... yes. In Macrocosm, Janeway uses a medical tricorder on Neelix after he's been stung, and she says there is fluid filling up his lungS. he corrects her and says... "Lung."

Was it's mention significant? Maybe not, but it was fun to hear the continuity.

Later for other thoughts.
Also, Neelix mentions Kes only having one lung in "Before and After" when she blows out the birthday cake.

As for Riker, I really didn't like the character or the actor.
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