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Re: STO Trek BBS Fleet

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There is an NPC at the base somewhere.
It works the same way those winter trinkets worked. Only here you have to collect Borg junk to get stuff.
Most of it is just green low level crap though, and the only objects of interest for me were the remodulator that is one second faster then teh repicated one.
You can also get a consumable remodulator that is almost instant, but I can't see why you'd ever need that one anyway and keep blowing you Borg junk trnkets on them.
Haven't encountered a Borg mob that wouldn't be dead from a full team' sfire before having to remodulate.
The occasional Elite Tactical maybe, but those are more like mini bosses anyway.
This goliath werewolf borg was tough, probably some kind of boss. I don't know what his real name is. I was with a crack team. We hit him with drones, turrets, two Orbital Strikes back-to-back and a constant barrage of heavy weapons fire. Toasted his companions (elite tactical drones?) like marshmellows in a firestorm, but didn't put him down. I've never encountered anything that tough before or since.

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