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Futureproofing (for viewing) the next Trek TV series

With the decades-long viewability of the Trek TV series mostly because it uses uniforms and not current wardrobe fashions and is set in the Trek universe on ships in the future CBS knows they will have years ahead for each series property. TOS and TNG are both being remasted to HD.
ENT was originally mastered in HD as producers were looking ahead while HDTV just just starting out.
How will this next Unannounced TV series be shot to futureproof for decades to come for linear TV or consumption by viewers? (so they wont need a major remastering effort in the future like TNG needed).

I'm guessing they may test shooting the pilot in stereoscopic digital 3-D HD video resolution (1080p). This is why I think so. Even if they decide later in post production to not do the VFX and master it in 3-D or decide to shoot the series in 3-D.
They might shoot it in digitally in 4k resolution just like a feature film to futureproof it for a consumer release in 4k beyond HDTV. Would some motion tracking or a character on the ship use motion tracking to have a fully CGI character on the show similar to 'Avatar'? Will they shoot it in 48 fps (frames per second) instead of the standard 24fps for enhanced clarity like Peter Jackson is using for "The Hobbit"? and James Cameron is planning on 48fps or 60fps for the next Avatar film.
In a few years there will be a better roadmap to framerates and resolutions for consumer TV displays.
Will it be mixed in 7.1 sound from the start?
Producers are going to want it to last for 50 years so what else can they do within 5 years to make that so? Yes this thread deals with the next Trek TV series which will probably happen within the next 3-5 years (camera lens flares aside...)

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