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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Request to join the TBBS Armada

erika gabriel@nickmariner

Joined at the start of F2P, I think I've spent about oh, 40-50 dollars in costumes and interiors, though my best purchase was the TMP costumes and the TOS bundle. As nice as the Galaxy and Destiny Bridges are, the fact that the default interiors blow ass in comparison to the TOS interior in terms of (physically acceptable) scale and interactivity.

I love the TOS bundle. It's fun to put on the TOS uniforms, invite your firends and climb through the jefferies tubes.

One thing that I wish the game had (but would be difficult to implement), it the ability of players to work together on a single ship. Imagine inviting others to occupy the bridge positions on your ship. Using voice chat, you direct your engineers, tactical and science officers on what you need done. I used to play an old paper base game that had this option. You would just hand out a different console sheet to each player. The captain just coordinated the action and gave orders. Wishful thinking...

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