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Re: Widescreen or Full Frame

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Didn't the Buffy DVDs end up being widescreen in Europe or something along similar lines? That is, they didn't crop the 4:3, but just opened up what was actually filmed to create the widescreen version? If I recall Joss Whedon wasn't thrilled with that... but frankly I'd probably prefer that version even with the occasional production equipment showing up on camera. I could understand why you wouldn't.

Cropping something from one aspect ratio to fit another is a no-no in my book. As are the various ghastly stretching modes for filling out widescreen TVs with 4:3 content.
My UK Buffy DVD's are in 1.33:1 Ratio (aka 4x3). Well the earlier seasons
Seasons 1, 2 and 3 are 4:3, 4-7 are 16:9, Angel season 1 4:3 the rest 16:9.
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