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^While ones like that didn't add much to the overall game, I think it was nice to have some variety beyond "walking into room, shoot everyone. Then walk into next room, rinse and repeat until cutscene."

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While I do recall some issues, I don't think any of them where particularly serious.
In ME2, maybe not. I seem to recall that DA2 had some genuine bugs regarding party members/love interests, especially if you played Awakening or the DLC (above and beyond Leliana and Anders automatically being resurrected for the sequel).
So do I, but the details elude me at the moment. Mind you that game had plenty of bugs to worry about besides the import flags. More to the point I think the source of such problems actually stemmed from the way Awakening saved it's data (or didn't, as the case may be) rather than there being an inherent problem with the import process. But like I said, ME & DA have separate dev teams and ME so far has a *much* better track record.

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Simple. You do not try and top the Reapers. Not every story needs to be some huge and epic tale with the entire galaxy at risk. I personally hope for a story taking place shortly after the Reaper invasion and dealing with the current state of the galaxy and its efforts to rebuilt. Maybe told from the point of view of someone non-military. We have already seen the galaxy from the point of view of a Soldier/Spectre, now lets see it from the point of view of the everyman. Maybe the crew of small cargo ship dealing with their own issues. Or maybe Mercs, or just some schmuck who sets out on an adventure. The Mass Effect Universe is so full and rich with possible story ideas that anything could be possible.
Absolutely. I could totally get behind a ME game where you start off as some nobody colonist farmer, or a Terminus systems smuggler rather than as a soldier. More than anything I'd like to see a DAO approach where you get to pick your race and origin. Not sure how practical that'll be for a fully voiced game though.
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