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Re: Does It Get Better???

Who really cares about Neelix's lung, the important part of the story wasn't that he got a new lung, its that Kes loved him enough to give him her lung..and that Janeway is merciful, or was at this point.

RE: Hope and Fear - I really think this is a very underrated series, its the perfect bookend to season 4. There's a focus on the Janeway/Seven dynamic, some continuity with Scorpion and Hunters. And its just an interesting concept with a villain you can relate to or at least understand.

RE: Night - I actually really like this episode and it was nice to see Janeway regretful. The only problem was that came out of the blue and was too quickly resolved (Braga admitted this too). I think we needed to see Janeway struggle with her decision more throughout the show or at least work it out in the first couple of seasons, leaving it until season 5 was a little contrived. Oh and I love the line reading of "I made an error in judgment, Chakotay. It was short-sighted and it was selfish, and now all of us are paying for my mistake", evertime I see this episode I end up repeating that over to myself. I also think "Night" would have worked best spread over a couple of episodes so we could see the crew and captain work through their issues. Its far too neat and tidy, but then we are heading into the most serialized Voyager seasons now.
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