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Re: Why was there never a major Romulan character in a Star Trek TV sh

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The Cardassians were the enemies in DS9, you still had two major reoccurring Cardassian characters. Heck the Domionion was also the enemy, but they still had Weyoun as a major reoccurring character.
Seeing as how DS9 was a stationary object the Cardassians were their neighbours, so they would always be a threat, so it made sense to develop recurring villans and station residents who would be seen continuously.

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In Voyager, the Borg were the enemy, but 7 of 9 was still a main character.
Seven wasn't really a Borg character, she was a human, formerly assimilated and regaining her humanity. Then thanks to her the Borg really didn't seem much like a threat anytime they reappeared as she knew all their weak points.

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There are ways they could have had a major Romulan character even if the Federation was at odds with them. What about a Romulan commander who is a Romulan counter part for Kirk or Picard, tasked with dealing with them and becoming their nemesis over time.
Then that would just become dull over time. Kirk/Picard are sent to the RNZ to deal with the Romulans, face off against the Commander, but ultimately win and are regailed as heroes, whilst their Romulan adversary slinks off back the Romulus to try again.

It worked on DS9 as they made use of the fact that they don't go anywhere and had a chance to build up good plots and backstory, as well as very compelling characters.

I admit, I would loved to have seen more from Sela or T'Rul (even just a few more guest appearances from both actresses), or have been introduced to another recurring Romulan character, but unless the ship (or indeed a station) was assigned to patrol the RNZ, where their interaction with the Romulans would be more frequent and there was the chance to build up a good "rapport" with them and make them an interesting and compelling character, then it really would be difficult to feature a more well developed Romulan character.

But thats just some of my thoughts.
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