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Re: Widescreen or Full Frame

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I never understood why the FullFrame thing was even developed; I've heard that people complained about the black bars on their tv screens, but why would you want to miss part of the picture.
It was just a mentality a lot of people had where they felt like they were seeing less if it wasn't filling up the whole screen. I knew people who complained about the "black bars." Even the term "full screen" that was on all the DVD covers doesn't really explain what's actually happening and probably made people think they were getting more on their screen.

I wonder now with widescreen TVs being the norm if these same people complain about "black bars" on the side. Of course, now they simply just press the picture stretching button.
If you read the TNG-R discussion you wouldn't wonder. There are people convinced widescreen is better. Even if it means ruining the framing, cutting off parts of the image, and stretching the image. They just claim "widescreen is more cinematic" or that they hate seeing the black bars.
Ugh, I wouldn't like that anymore than I do when they cut the picture for 4:3. I just want to see the whole image, whichever ratio that is.
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