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Re: Re-shaping a Cardassian: Toward the Ninth Circle

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Ahhhh, Damar's rebellious streak is coming out a bit.
We already know he can defy his direct superiors for the good of Cardassia, so...the history is just repeating itself in another universe

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And speaking of! Brenok sure exploded there! He was very fortunate Zamarran forgave him for that. I think that as much as Zamarran resented that breach of discipline, he at least understood where it came from.
I think there are two factors: Zamarran is Brenok's mentor and he has a soft spot for the engineer and Zamarran would probably like to explode too.
It doesn't mean he'll forget Brenok's behaviour.
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Now...have we actually seen Toral's political officer up to this point?
We only saw him briefly volunteering to help to code the message about the destruction of New Bajor, but no name was given.
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Want me to PM you with who I think it is?
Yes, please. I'm very curious if you have the right person in mind, because I know exactly who it is from my canon universe and that's the reason why the name wasn't revealed yet. I wanted to build his reputation first
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