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Re: Re-shaping a Cardassian: Toward the Ninth Circle

Ahhhh, Damar's rebellious streak is coming out a bit.

And speaking of! Brenok sure exploded there! He was very fortunate Zamarran forgave him for that. I think that as much as Zamarran resented that breach of discipline, he at least understood where it came from.

Now...have we actually seen Toral's political officer up to this point? I know Raseen and Nadar, but I don't remember seeing the third. There are three candidates who come to mind that could fit the description Toral offered. One I consider an unlikely candidate because I don't believe he could hold out for fifteen years without the Order making a move on him instead. I'd be shocked if he made it even one year.

Another candidate might have the same problem--he could probably hold out longer than the first, but I still don't think he could make it for fifteen years. But the third could probably pull it off but still (I think) remain fairly uncorrupted, at least based on what I know of that individual. Want me to PM you with who I think it is?
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