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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x13 - "The Case of the Flamping Flurble"

Zoiks! It's finally back.

Huh, what a complete tonal shift from the previous episodes, but I guess we were due for something light. I have to admit I've never really been a fan of Scooby Doo (I know, I know- everyone flame me) so the homages to that series aren't a huge deal for me.

But what is interesting is that once again character interactions are spot on, and unlike many serialized fan fiction stories- this continues having the pattern of each episode having a beginning, middle, and end. They can all function as standalone episodes just like the TV series, but woven through them are continuing and developing plotlines.

I always liked Shar, and though I know that sometime before 'Paths of Disharmony' that his relationship with Prynn will end; I'm very curious to see how it develops.

Also I appreciate he fact that no matter how lovable the Even Odds crew is, they still are criminals (the good kind, I suppose) and at a certain, it really is time to pay the piper. Be curious to see how they eek their way out of this mess. Always liked that bunch.

One last forgot the best part of the homage. The inn keeper should have had his face ripped off and shown that it was mask- and maybe to have a twist on it, for the mask to cover up that he really is a ghost or some twisted monster.

In any case. Another enjoyable episode, and I look forward to the next.
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