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Re: "Yorktown: A Time to Heal" - Official thread for the Sulu fan film

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Sounds can be cleaned up to some extent, but that should be a last resort IMHO. I would think that a better alternative (if it's at all feasible) would be relooping the dialogue. I know it's a big PITA from a lot of different angles, but when you try to digitally remove extraneous noise from a soundtrack you run the risk of making things worse, not better with new artifacts and a general flattening of track. That's my 2 cents and I'd be more than happy if someone with more experience than I have would like to chime in. In fact, I'd be delighted to get some new ideas for cleaning up less than perfect sound tracks! They would no doubt come in handy in my own post-production work!
This is actually just a very short, 10 second clip, that was done in one take. If worse comes to worse, I will just have the actor reloop the dialogue.

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