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Re: Does It Get Better???

Solving pon far with a holowhore was a huge copout.

That episode when Tom and Kim were trying to work out how old he was?

That had to be about Pon Far.

Either they were thinking about putting their hat in the ring, or they assumed that during the course of his pon far that Tuvok would work his way through the entire (willing) female compliment, so they had to figure out how much time they had to take a shot at the women they were taking a shine to before Tuvok raised the bar.

We saw Kim get Spaced in deadlock.

Captain Chakotay in Before and After got Voyager just as close as Janeway without suckling up to the Borg.

The Daxs were both delicious in their own very different ways. It's not like much anyone would say "No" if asked to play a game of connect the spots.

Adrenalin junkie?

Post Traumatic Stress?

I'd say half and half.

Although, that's nothing compared to T'Pol huffing Trellium D like it was space crack tweaking off her nut while commanding a starship in battle... And that there were no repercussions after the fact when her HABIT came to light.
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