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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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I forget where I first read it, but this episode can be seen as the first in a trilogy arc showing Sisko's acceptance of his role as the Emissary. (Maybe it was the Companion.) In Destiny, he reluctantly accepts that this is how the Bajorans see him. In Accession, he stands up and says "I am the Emissary" but he still sees himself as a Starfleet officer first. Finally in Rapture he dives headlong into prophecies, no matter what Starfleet or the Bajorans want him to do. By then he is well prepared for the revelations of season 7.
See, it's stuff like this that's why I love DS9. It looks for all the world like the writers planned all of this out in advance from day one, when, of course, it was really nothing like that. (Granted, as things went on they planned more, but still.)
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