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Re: "A Running Start"

Gibraltar wrote: View Post
Saito S, this is absolutely fantastic work! You've taken what, in a lesser writer's hands, might have been a tedious introduction to the series characters and turned it into a fascinating and touching story.

You've brought all of them to life in short order, and invested your readers in their lives.
Wow, thank you!

I appreciate the kind words. Incidentally, I recently read the first two parts of Gibralter, and came away very impressed! Very dark, well-realized situations that Gibralter's crew find themselves in. Excellent pacing, some unexpected plot twists, and vibrant characters.
CeJay wrote: View Post
I'm a total sucker for great characters and dialogue and you gave us both in spades in this story. You are clearly quite talented and I would love to read more on these characters or others.
Thank you very much! I'm slightly overwhelmed (in a good way). Had NO idea this little piece would be so well-received!
I do understand your dilemma about what to write. My suggestion is to focus on what you enjoy more. Writing fan fiction is really nothing more than a guilty pleasure for the love of the genre. It won't make you a serious author. But if you can manage it, there's nothing to say you couldn't work on both. Focus your efforts on your original work and write your fan fiction on the side. A lot of people do that. And don't worry about not being able to post entire stories at a time. Most writers here only post in segments anyway which makes it easier to mange time, both as a reader and a writer.
Yeah. Something like this is kind of what I'm thinking. Hopefully I can find a suitable balance.

At the same time, as I mentioned, I've got this other sci-fi world... it's undergone several revisions in the last couple of years (it was sort of floundering before that, I had an interesting concept to set up the world, but not much else), and suddenly it's just perfect to "house" several elements of my Trek stories that are entirely my own, and could easily jump ship, so to speak. So sometimes, when I come up with an idea for a Trek story, I end up going "Wait wait... am I using this within Trek, or the other setting?" It sort of makes things more complicated, in a way. I'm mulling the whole thing over. I would like to post something more in the future, whether t's snippets of original fiction or snippets of Trek fic... We'll see.
Either way, you should definitely not stop writing. Like ever.
That's a really nice thing to hear!
Mistral wrote: View Post
You did good. I liked it. I'd like to see more of your work.
Thanks Mistral. As noted above, I think it's likely I'll post something else at some point... I just have no idea what.
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