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Re: Janeway wins in a poll of 10,000 people..

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I've always said Janeway was the most like Kirk and I think their response to events demanding action were similar.

And I would agree.

I would also like to say that popularity contests,

whether they be polls,

dancing with the former stars tv reality shows,

or top 10 bad ass women like... (loved the inclusion of Bonnie from B&C) (oooo YES! This one included Miss Parker! And Scully! And Gabrielle! And Aeryn!... and... oh just sit back and ENJOY!)

Afterall, who's popular with me may not be who's popular with you, and that's okay. My enjoyment of Voyager doesn't depend on whether or not Janeway wins a poll. She'll always be number one with me, as will the series. These polls are just out there to make us chuckle. No need for WWIII to be declared.

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