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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Ha! I honestly was at a loss trying to decide whether to post this here, the Avengers movie thread, or the digital comics thread.

Anyway, I downloaded the first free chapter of "Fury's Big Week", an Avengers movie prequel comic. It actually begins during the climactic scene of Captain America: The First Avenger (although I'm not sure if the 1943 date is correct), we see Cap fighting the Hydra agents on the Valkyrie, and then follows the progress of one of the Hydra agents... all of the way to the ground.

In the present day, we find a team of SHIELD agents, including Fury and Coulson, recovering the body and the Red Skull's bomb/plane. It would seem that Fury is actively searching for Steve Rogers, and actually expects him to be recoverable. The task is interrupted ht a communication from the World Security Council, who order Fury to pack it all up and return to headquarters.

Once home, the WSC informs Fury of a change in priorities-- He is to stop wasting time and resources on "wasteful" projects like finding Rogers (who the WSC believes would be irrelevant in the modern day), coddling Stark (when all he should be doing is securing Stark's tech), and surveillance of Banner (who is too big of a question mark). Instead he is to focus his time and efforts on re-energizing the tesseract.

Fury doesn't take too well to the directive, and tells Coulson to just keep doing what he has been doing all along, just do it secretly, and hope that it doesn't blow up in their faces.

This is to be the first of eight parts, with the rest of the chapters be cost 99 cents each. The first chapter was 10 pages, and I would assume the rest to be the same. In the end, that works out to be less than $7 for an 80-page comic.
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