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Re: OTHER Starship Captains - Symbolism, Foreshadowing & Plot Devices

SISKO - You and your Chief Medical Officer are on a mission to secure the mining rights of the rare mineral,Topaline, which has been found in abundance on the planet Cappella IV.

This scarce mineral is of vital importance to the life support system of Federation planetoid colonies. To make matters more difficult, a Klingon agent has preceded you to the Capellan negotiation table; and the Cappellans are emphatic that they will only create a Mining Treaty with one faction only.

During the course of your interactions planet-side, the good Doctor, the very pregnant Eleen - who carries within her, the unborn heir-apparent Teer - and yourself, have escaped Maab's bloddy coup; and have fled into the caves of the surrounding mountains.

However, while being guided by Eleen through the network of small tunnels which will lead your party to the safety of other side of the mountain, a cave-in occurs, trapping Elaan in the mouth of the cave's exit,... although her head and shoulders are on the outside of the mouth of the cave, the rest of her body is completely trapped on your side of the rubble,... and blocking the exit.

While no one - including the unborn infant which Eleen carries - is seriously injured; however, the tunnel has been completely and totally sealed off behind you by hundred of yards of dense rubble.

Additionally, fissures created in the floor of the cave are expelling a deadly volcanic gas, which will completely fill the small tunnel segment in a matter of moments which is occupied by yourself and the Doctor - who are trapped between the collapsed tunnel, and the trapped Elaan, who's head is out of the cave.

In a matter of moments, death will envelope you and the Doctor, unless Eleen can be 'unstuck' from blocking your escape.

Although you have your communicator, the Enterprise (and the transporter with it) have been called away from orbiting the planet in an effort to aid the distressed USS Dierdre - a small freighter, reported under attack by a Klingon vessel,... a crafty ruse by the cunning Klingon, Kras.

You also have your Phaser; however there is too much rubble sealing off the tunnel behind you, as well as that which traps Eleen - which would be far too dangerous and time consuming to consider phasering your way through.

Besides, your Phaser's power-cell only contains enough of a remaining charge for 'one shot'.

Okay CAPTAIN SISKO,... the deadly poison gas is filling the cave,... you only have seconds,... what do you do?

CUE: 'Danger Music'
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