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Re: Doctor Who, first time through

Hober, as part of your ongoing viewing, have you seen the so-called "unaired pilot"? It's basically "An Unearthly Child" but with a few minor "tweaks". One notable bit was a "one shot" entrance sequence stepping into the TARDIS. The doors of the police box open and the camera follows Ian and Barbara into the console room. Very ambitious cinematography given the insanely tight schedule and the size of the cameras.

Another difference was the exchanges between the Doctor and Susan once Ian and Barbara force their way inside the capsule. Susan makes some comments that suggest she might be of "royalty". Afterwards she sits upon the large wooden chair seen the aired "cut" with a rather regal "air" almost bordering upon a "cold" sense of superiority.

Had that remained in the final version, later writers may have revealed a somewhat different past for the Doctor and Susan.


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