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Re: Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey 2x01

Cora’s supposed to get Spanish Flu, right? According to the “next on ..." I still hope Grantham doesn’t cheat, but he’d be able to marry the (pregnant) maid and have a son. Her older boy won’t be that happy and it’d be yet another scandal for the family, the master marrying a pregnant maid!! No covering up that one.

I really like how Cora and Violet have improved their relationship over the years. Last season, the Titanic sank and Patrick Crawley was dead, and Cora and Violet were at odds most of the season. Glad to see how they’ve mellowed after 6 years. And all the daughters have grown, not the willful spoiled girls they were at the start.

Has Sir Richard really said one thing loving to Mary? Yikes! And looks like Matthew’s legs might be okay. Yeah, I’m in the group that wants him and Mary together. Maybe Sir Richard’ll get the flu, too.
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