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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

19. Drive (A)
20. Crazy Stupid Love (A)

Drive: I enjoyed this slick combination of art house and genre fare even more the second time around. Refn is a director to watch. Ryan Gosling is similarly talented. I'm shocked he hasn't become a bankable star yet. Albert Brooks delivers one of his best performances in years, and it's a shame he wasn't even nominated for an Oscar. Too violent for the Academy, I suppose.

Crazy Stupid Love: What do you know, two Gosling films from 2011 in a row. I liked this one even more the second time around, too. Previously I was critical of the initial meeting of Gosling and Carrel, but I didn't have that reaction this time. It's a shame there are so many mediocre romantic comedies produced each year, and not more films like this one. When Carrel attempts to win back his wife in their back yard (and, in any other romantic comedy, he would), it's aboslutely side-splitting.

Theatres: 7
Home Video: 12 +2
Computer: 1

I went to a preview screening of Act of Valor last week, but have been asked to hold any comments until the 24th. I'll be eviscerating the movie then, along with, I suspect, the majority of critics.
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