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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

I had time to watch part of "Inner Light." I'd seen the screenshot of the CGI Enterprise that opens the episode, and I honestly thought it looked pretty good.

It doesn't. Absolutely horrendous. Very obviously CGI and just doesn't work the way the CGI shots of "Farpoint" did. Fortunately, it seems these shots will be few and far between. I hope.
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I generally liked the CGI in TOS-R, but I do still think they got a little too flashy and show-offy with some of those new shots. All those beautiful flyovers, space battles, and ringed planets just felt like they belonged more on VOY or ENT than 1960s Star Trek.
The new FX for "Galileo Seven" were horrid. It looked like scenes from a Star Trek video game. I thought the FX team did some really good work, but the scenes they talked up the most and were seemingly the most proud of were, IMO, some of the worst scenes.
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