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Bit of a disadvantage since I haven't actually read the book and don't really know exactly how she was written, but the the impression I've gotten is that the author basically shrugs the whole thing off as if it was "just a phase" rather than a lifelong emotional condition and is now completely "normal."
Shrugging it off would require some sort of reference, and I didn't see any.

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That plus the impression I had was that Cerberus's medication had compounded an already existing condition, not created it. Even if it had, autism is a neural development disorder that has a very real physical effect on the way a person's neurons connect. Their brains are literally wired differently. While it's true that there are varying degrees of autism and some are functional enough that they can take care of themselves and pass for "normal" (for lack of a better term), whichever way you slice it, Gillian's condition was pretty damn severe--at times bordering on catatonic--for almost the entirety of her childhood. Drug induced or not that MUST have a noticeable impact.
In the real world, I'd agree. On the other hand, she'd opened up noticeably even by the end of Ascension (or whichever book it was), after spending time without the drugs. So it wouldn't exactly be unprecedented.

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One of the main things that bugged me about Dragon Age II is how it basically brushed off your DA:O character with some offhand remark about how The Warden had mysteriously disappeared. My warden didn't (nor could she) go through the mirror at the end of Witch Hunt and as far as I was concerned she'd retired back to Highever with Leliana. I imagine it was even more irksome for players that actually killed Leliana!
I didn't necessarily mind the comments about the Warden disappearing. Characters coming back from the dead, though... that's a problem.

My concern with bringing our saves further forward again - I know that ME1 and DA:O both have a lot of save flag bugs that result in imports not getting all the right data. I don't exactly have confidence in ME2/ME3 not suffering the same fate.
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