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Re: I can never decide which episode to watch

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Since I have seen every episode an average of 40 times, I try to pick the ones on the low side of average.

This means, of course, I find myself often in the 3rd Season of late.

So, if you are in need of sleep, give my plan a try. Nothing like "The Empath" to induce rest. Still awake? Try "Mark of Gideon" or "The Cloud Minders". "Lights of Zetar" would otherwise work, but I'm such a huge Jimmy Doohan fan.
Yeah this is a problem, season 3 is also my least worn out, so i tend to watch it more, but of course when I try to watch season 3 I can only make it through 1 or 2 episodes and it usually leaves a "lacking" taste in my mouth, and end up wishing i watched season 1 or 2, but i know those too damn well!

I wish there were more episodes.

At least when they re-re-re-release them in Ultra 3d Smell-o-vision everything will seem new again
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