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Replace 'rafting' with 'camping', and 'Louie Louie' with 'Row Your Boat', and you'll have a good idea of how it probably would have worked out.
I was going to say that DS9 could make it work because it has Odo and motherfucking O'Brien, but then I remembered that TFF had Spock and motherfucking McCoy and they couldn't make it work. I'll defer to your wisdom.

Destiny (***)

Here's an episode that's pretty average overall but it's elevated by the thematic significance of being the first time that Sisko opens up his mind to the possibility that he is the Emissary rather than just tolerating it and sometimes using it for a political advantage. It's weird that it took the series this long to return to this storyline, it hasn't really been developed since Emissary. For the first time Sisko is forced to choose between his role as Emissary and his job as a Starfleet officer, and since he doesn't really believe that he is the Emissary that's an easy choice for him to make. But even still, he's conflicted between what Kira thinks he should do and what he has been trained to do, and Kira does have a point in saying that the Prophets are outside time and would therefore be perfectly capable of relaying visions of future events to those in the past. So it's interesting, but not as much as later episodes that take on this theme.

While the ending attempts to say that the prophesy was correct but it was misinterpreted, I can't help but see it another way, it just reinforces why guys like Sisko should never put their faith in prophesy. Trakor suffers from the same problem as every oracle in human history, his prophesies are so vague that they can be reconstrued to mean almost anything. You certainly can't predict the future with them or use them as the basis for an important decision, it's hardly even worth writing them down. The whole thing is almost a waste of paper, but it sounds vaguely poetic so it stuck around. If Trekor wrote "Two years after the end of the Cardassian occupation, three Cardassian scientists will show up on a space station to do an experiment on the Celestial Temple but it will go wrong and a comet will change course and almost destroy the Temple, but the Emissary will save the day using a subspace field in a shuttlecraft, but enough magic dust will escape to allow communication from one side of the Temple to the other" people would have laughed and called him a nutter. Funny that.

Meanwhile, there's a comic b-plot where O'Brien and a Cardassian scientist named Gilora are forced to work together... with sexy results! Well, kinda. It's light, it's somewhat humorous, and O'Brien bangs his head yet again. On reflection, I should have had a counter for that as it happens so often. It's probably why O'Brien's head is so big, it's swollen from all the bruising. Anyway, O'Brien turns her down because she's a spoon-head and he hates what he has become because of her. Gilora is upset about this because she was hoping to marry him so that she could gain Federation citizenship, but instead she's going back to Cardassia where she'll be executed by the Obsidian Order. Who is she anyway?

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