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Re: STO Trek BBS Fleet

So, appear to have found my first niche, as Defera Invasion guide. Did a couple successful runs with TrekBBS fleet members this weekend, had a good time. On yesterday's run, we cleared all of the areas well within the alloted time. I didn't get anything special in my bags, but think Bailey got 2/3 of the Borg arms, nice haul!

Anyway, on future runs, more than willing to take a group through if I'm around. Seem to have the hang of how to blast through them quickly and painlessly. Well, as painlessly as you can with the crappy way that zoning works for that event...

I've got a couple of them, can't decide if they are worth using, or selling for the couple million credits they are selling for on the exchange. Anyone used one? How do they work/look? Worth losing the potential profit for?
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