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Re: Some kind souls help us sto noobs out with a how to craft guide!

The dilithium tax kinda pisses me off. I've maxed out just about all of my data samples, just don't want to ALSO burn a ton of dilithium (which now translates to C-points, which translate to real money) to craft shit. Especially since I don't quite have the max points yet, so I'd be crafting things to throw away (well, scalp in the exchange, anyway) just to get more crafting points. Yeah, I know there's the crafting 'special' time, when it costs less, but it's the idea. Plus they didn't make it cost less in data samples or time to craft, just added the dilithium tax right on top of the old costs.

Usually way cheaper/easier to just buy things on the Exchange, even at bad prices. Guess if I had high enough crafting, could be selling them at a killer markup, but no real need. When I'm bored, I scalp things on the exchange. Find items that are under-priced, buy them, and immediately re-list them for a ton more. Sometimes people sell things based on what it says they are worth, and not what they are selling for on the exchange, so there's opportunity to buy them and relist for a couple hundred thousand more.
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