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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Most of the answer lies with Atari not being willing to throw more money at a game they thought was "complete" when they bought it - they didn't really understand the concept of MMOs (which are in heavy development all the time to keep people immersed). Most of Atari's games are one- or two-year hits at most, then they fade into memory as new games replace them.

So yeah, they didn't have the money to work on the things that would REALLY make this game immersive.
I agree with this. I have played with all three Cryptic MMOs so far and in general I have been happy with what they have come up with. STO did stun me a little in terms of the number of issues and obvious bugs I have encountered as well as the lack of polish. The most blaring of which are non-functional bridges (this is a near-game breaker for me) and a bug that cause me my Klingon character to fall under the world and prevents him from completing the mission that have apparently gone unfixed for a very long time.

These seem to be issues stemming from Atari pushing STO to go live way too early and pushing Cryptic to focus on content creation rather than fixing what I consider as important bugs and issues. I have no experience with PWE as a publisher, but I hope they do a better job of managing this game.
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