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Re: Did TNG have too many characters at first?

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The bridge crew was too eager to please and behaved like they werre always under fire.
HaventGotALife please elaborate on the above statement. Are you saying they were too eager to follow the Captain's orders? It seems to me that they were just doing their jobs.
What I mean is that their acting performances were overly agressive. For instance, the "hostile overtaking us" in Encounter at Farpoint. It's almost as if they are pleading with the Captain.

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It wasn't as much of an ensemble as we like to portray.
HaventGotALife I agree that the "ensemble" became "Stewart/Spiner/Dorn." Not to the extreme that it became "Shatner/Nimoy/Kelley" on TOS but close.

I don't think that it was Worf, it was Troi. She was Spock in terms of who Picard consulted on conflicts. She didn't tell him what to do, but she did provide the information for a solution. Picard was the main character and they only deviated from that script when they wanted to do something with Data. Data still gave Picard the finest lines in the show, looked the most articulate.

Technobabble from the various departments about a problem, finding a solution, or attempting a solution, and Picard says "Make it so." Everyone leaves the briefing room. Data looked at Picard with puzzlement. Picard greets him with warmth and the following conversation takes place:
"Captain, I am puzzled by something humans do."
"Data, this is why we do this. And sometimes we don't know why we do this."

How many times have we seen some sort of variation on that?

Riker, LaForge, Crusher, Worf--they are all department heads. If the actors changed every season, it wouldn't matter. These characters are there to advise Picard and little else.
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