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We have that "idea" because BioWare has described their tie-ins as being part of an overarching universe.
Corporations lie to make money.
That makes no sense in the context of what has happened here. If BioWare wasn't interested in maintaining a cohesive universe spanning games, novels, comics, and animation, then they wouldn't be bothering to fix the first work that has deviated in incredibly odd ways from their lore.
Well, if Bioware was truly interested in maintaining a cohesive universe across all these mediums, I would think they would have checked the book for these kinds of issues before it was released.

I also disagree with the assertion that it was the first work to have these issues. Retribution was terrible canon-wise. From what I hear, the comics do some pretty funny things to the lore as well. Deception might be the worst offender, but it wasn't the first.
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