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Re: Re-Watching Voyager

I don't really care whether it's original or not, as long as it's entertaining. I'm not grading a film school project, I'm trying to unwind and have an hour of fun. And in this, I think Voyager excelled far more often than it failed. The only episode I would avoid like the plague is "Threshold," which turned out to be even worse than I remembered. "Forgettable" was, for me, one of those episodes I hated in the Nineties, but upon rewatching it just weeks ago, I found it to be pretty damn good.

I also noticed there's a lot more continuity in VOY than I remembered, since in the 90's I was comparing it to DS9. So make sure you watch it in order. There are elements in many episodes that they revisit effectively later on in the series. I have no idea how I didn't notice that when it first ran.

Also, Neelix is far less annoying if you realize from the start that his overbearing ebullience is just a mask he projects to cope with a tragic, tortured, and lonely existence.
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