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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

Sho wrote: View Post
Now, there are also many people who are deeply unhappy with how he died in the movie, calling it an anti-climactic death, badly written, and so on. But I've never felt that, either.
I think the idea of old soldiers not dying but simply fading away works best here. Unless it's done really well...

I always liked the fan rumor that "Too Short a Season" was supposed to be Kirk on Neural. There's something about Kirk dying in order to answer for his mistakes making sense to me. He threw so many worlds into chaos and left them behind without a thought. It would have made sense and I would have accepted it. It's the same reason the Trial on JTK was so popular in the DC comic series. It made way too much sense to pit Kirk against all the lives he touched for better or worse. It's a shame the authors blew that one by letting him off the hook with a dues ex machina. Bouncing off a bridge has no poetry. Not even in the name of several million lives.

Sho wrote: View Post
I thought Shatner and Stewart had good chemistry in Generations, and in their scenes together both characters were treated well and had compelling points made about them.
Lets accept that Patrick Stewart has chemistry with everyone. Other than that I disagree with you. Kirk seemed strangely manic and bafoonish in the nexus, running around only half listening to the strange bald man in his house. Picard was never fooled by the illusion, but Kirk lived it for 80 years. That makes Kirk seem like an epic moron in comparison.

Sho wrote: View Post
well, I don't think just because the character is grand he has to die with a grand gesture.
But, again, his death needs to make sense in the context of his life. This didn't. I would have preferred Kirk dying embarrassed and ashamed as the man he always was than anonymously in an act of heroism that had no context. Only Moriarty could kill Holmes. Only Vicious could kill Spike.
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