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Re: Voyager in your comics pages today

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Cartoonist thanks for your wonderful strip and your great little confession! I enjoyed them both very much. The strip amused me because I too have had many fandom epiphanies and there's no one to actually reveal this to IRL. "Is that the show with R2D2?" etc..

I'm glad you enjoyed Voyager, it's pretty cool to actually get brand new Trek isn't it? I had a similar experience with Enterprise, bored watching it on tv I abandoned it. Finally out of completist impulses I watched it on dvd in my own time some years after it was over. I remember a few times in Season 4 thinking "omg this is some of the BEST TREK I've ever seen.." humbling and also just so wonderful to get new Trek again. I think I'm more tolerant the older I get and more likely to look for what is really good in a show and ignore the rest. I like this universe (Trek) and I can enjoy all it's variety.

And heh.. maybe I should not rewatch Bab5 again and actually get around to watching BuBSG for the first time.

Anyway thanks for sharing
Something you said really struck a cord with me: it was nice to get new Trek again. It's not that the show changed, it's that I'm a different person than I was the last time around, so I perceived it differently. Maybe I'll give ENT another look too and hope I get surprised again.
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