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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Last night I finished reading "Embrace of Cold Architects" DRGIII's story in the third Myriad Universes collection Shattered Light. I remember that when this first came out it didn't get the best reaction by some of the people here, but I really liked the story. It focuses on Riker, and Data, two of my favorite TNG characters, and I thought it did some really interesting stuff. The basis of the story also comes mainly from The Offspring, with a some bits of Best of Both Worlds, Brothers, and a tiny bit of The Wounded. I really enjoyed what was done with a Lal, and how it's version of Brothers effected her. I know alot of people complained about the stories version of Riker, but I think given what he did in the beginning of the story it really wasn't that hard to buy. My Rating: 9/10 (I looked, but there is no poll in the review thread for the book, so I figured it wasn't worth reviving the thread for this post)
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