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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

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I can respect your opinion I guess, but Kirk's death was totally unnecessary and reeked of a desire to "kill" TOS in the minds of the viewers. Except that he's the most legendary character in the entire franchise IMO. You can't kill off a character so engrained within it.
I don't know, I just didn't have a problem with it because Kirk was dead in the TNG timeframe already anyway, or I presumed him to be. I had no reason to think Kirk was immortal. So I never took it as "they killed him" and more as "they simply showed how he died", which I found interesting and gripping.

Now, there are also many people who are deeply unhappy with how he died in the movie, calling it an anti-climactic death, badly written, and so on. But I've never felt that, either. I thought Shatner and Stewart had good chemistry in Generations, and in their scenes together both characters were treated well and had compelling points made about them. In context of that, Kirk's moment of death, as well as his attitude and last words at the threshold, felt appropriate to me. As for the specific circumstances that lead to his death, the fight scene - well, I don't think just because the character is grand he has to die with a grand gesture. At some point you're going to get unlucky and lose a fight, even a small one. Kirk knew that, he faced it every day, and he never would consider himself above a brawl like that if it had to be done. It's all in a day's work.

I don't feel like Kirk dying in a mixed TOS/TNG movie was diminishing TOS, either. Instead: How appropriate for Kirk to die in the company of another Captain of the Enterprise. Who else could be there who could truely understand him?

Finally, I also never felt cheated out of "more Kirk" due to firmly establishing the time and place of his death. Star Trek is nothing if not malleable, there's always a way to yank a character out of his timeline and tell another story, or set a story in the past. The novels have done and continue to do it. Plenty of Kirk to go around.

Generations has numerous flaws. Some are structural, some are pacing, and it also handled a number of its characters pretty poorly. I actually think Kirk is one character it got right, though, including his death.

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