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Re: Refit Dreadnought.... Question?

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Agreed. I think she looks fugly, especially with not all eight sides at least being even. She is just an example of why it is a bad idea to make the all of the bow sides of a saucer flat instead, especially if the front is flat. If not for the fact that the saucer wasn't actually a saucer, she might not look bad, but all of those flat faces ruins it for me!
The artist who called himself justicar did some toolkits with a flatter version of the octagonal saucer that seemed more streamlined. Instead of having the flat face forward, having a pointy end leading would also round that Diane Carey design out more. Having a photon torpedo pay at each facet might not be a bad thing--perfect for firing arcs in games.

Now Aridas version was just the TMP saucer on a Balson class secondary hull--a bit longer than the standard probert secondary hull. A nice side view of the Balson secondary hull with nacelles omitted for clarity would be nice. I've seen those on toolkits but Aridas version is a bit less flat on the bottom.
Anyone have a copy of his saucers and other custom bits?
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